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Care for Kids: Program for Pre-K through 2nd Graders on feelings, bodies (using anatomically correct terms), babies, asking for permission, and asking for help. [5 day program, 50 min. per class]
We Care: An interactive program for 3rd-6th graders on building healthy relationships and boundaries. [5 day program, 50 min. per day]
Child Assault Prevention Program: A presentation for 1st-3rd graders on their rights to be Safe, Strong, & Free from all harm including harm by bullies, strangers, and people they know. [1.5 hrs.]
YourSpace: An interactive program for 8th-12th graders on unhealthy relationships, preventing victimization, and how to be an active bystander. [5 day program, 50 min. per day]
Enough Abuse: A presentation for parents, youth-serving professionals, and other concerned adults to prevent people from victimizing children and youth. [1 hr. - 4 hrs. depending on allotted time]
SA 101: A presentation for adults on defining sexual violence, perpetrators, consent, and how to help individuals impacted by sexual violence. [1.5 hrs. - 2 hrs.]
Human Trafficking 101: A presentation for all adults and professionals on the dynamics of human trafficking and exploitation. [1.5 hrs.]
Naloxone Training: A presentation for all community members on identifying substance abuse issues and administering Narcan. [1 hr.]
Stay S.A.F.E : A training partnered with the LVMPD for security, food and beverage, and other hospitality professionals on how to recognize predatory behavior and vulnerable individuals. [2 hrs.]
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